Life After the Ordeal

“Where do you go when you leave the jail?”, I have asked Rappy (not his real name, he asked for his last name to be withheld) when he received his certificate of discharge. He didn’t reply to me, instead, he just bowed down his head and signed deeply. As I asked further, he divulged that continue reading : Life After the Ordeal

Green Therapy

While coronavirus is affecting everyone’s lives and norms, a “Jail Lockdown” on all jail units was implemented as a precautionary measure, including the Dipolog City Jail Male Dormitory. Sudden modifications on jail operations drastically change the normal activities of human resource and PDL alike.  The visitation privilege suspended, service providers are prohibited, trainings and educational continue reading : Green Therapy

When Duty Calls

Being part of something new usually brings mixed emotions. Excitement and fun on one hand, while dread and apprehension on the other side. BJMP-IX has been very fortunate for having been selected as part of inter-agency Incident Management Team (IMT) of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD)-IX. This is composed of personnel coming from Bureau continue reading : When Duty Calls

The Best Warriors in Jails

Gloom, fear, obscurity, change—these words depict COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented moment in history has brought about discomfort and pain unto every one of us. It’s sad and unbearable. With all the turn of events, the jail officers who were locked down inside the jail needs constant mental monitoring and recreational activities to stay sane and continue reading : The Best Warriors in Jails

25 HR for Promotion

Leaving aside COVID-19, this year 2020 will also be remembered as one of the most memorable year for BJMP-IX with a whopping 25 jail officers who were ripe for promotion to the next higher rank.           The recently released BJMP NHQ lineal list of officers for promotion named 19 SJO4 and 6 JORs who will continue reading : 25 HR for Promotion