Gloom, fear, obscurity, change—these words depict COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented moment in history has brought about discomfort and pain unto every one of us. It’s sad and unbearable.

With all the turn of events, the jail officers who were locked down inside the jail needs constant mental monitoring and recreational activities to stay sane and be able to function properly in their tour of duty. Thankfully, it is innate in most of us, Filipinos, to adapt to change in a positive way.

It is also innate in most of the jail officers to survive any situation. These two traits are synergistic and complimentary. With these two traits, our jail officers have survived and will continue to survive any challenges ahead. And this pandemic will only be an event in the history books of modern-day heroes turning the tide into opportunity for the progression of systems, processes and management direction.

 Slowly and carefully, our nation is recovering from the traces of the pandemic which is not over yet. The Jail Bureau is embracing the “new normal” and shows its malleability to changes. Indeed, good and kind people stay the same. However, some became more than what they are capable of, and these are the exact people our country needs these days.

We are in the position to empower the low in spirit and inspire the discouraged just by rendering public service, the best that we can, and staying true to our pledge.

Atty. Novelyn S Malag
BJMP Regional Office-IX